Welcome to ID Gear, where we're passionate about keeping rugby players safe and comfortable on the field! Our scrum caps are proudly manufactured right here in New Zealand by Body Armour - the leading producer of scrum caps in the country for over 25 years.

Our expert team, who work closely with rugby players at the grass-roots level, design and develop our scrum caps to ensure they meet the ever-evolving challenges of the sport. This means you can trust that our products are at the forefront of technical innovation and quality.

At ID Gear, we use only the best technical fabrics and materials for our range of protective gear. We understand that rugby can be tough, so we've designed our scrum caps to give you the most comfortable fit, ventilation and protection from knocks and bruises. Our scrum caps use the highest quality chemically cross-linked impact-absorbing foam for padding, with a standardised density that ensures consistent protection. Beware of cheaper foam products that can contain "fillers," which reduce protection - we don't compromise on quality!

We're confident that our scrum caps are of the highest quality, but in the unlikely event of any issue with their performance, we'll replace them without question. So, you can feel confident that when you purchase an ID Gear scrum cap, you're making a smart investment in your safety and comfort on the rugby field.